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Proposed Helicopter IULH (Indian Ultra-Light Helicopter) is a Helicopter with single crew, can carry a payload of 350 kg (Fuel + Useful Load, including passenger), with a range of 300 km for a take-off weight of 850 kg. Fuel, useful load, and range are to be managed based on the requirement and role within the defined scope of this helicopter.

IULH will be designed to meet the requirements of FAR 27 standards appropriate to small rotorcraft category adapting any exclusions along with Certification Authorities. Helicopter will be certified for Day/night all weather capability with VFR requirements.

Specifications * :

Crew / Seating

1+1 / 1+2 / 2+1


Piston Engine


200 hp (150 kW)

Maximum Gross Weight

850 kg

Approximate Empty Weight

550 kg

Pay load (Including Pilot, Passenger and Standard


350 kg

Fuel capacity

120 liters

Max speed

201 kmph

Cruise Speed

177 kmph

Max Range

300 kms


3 kms (10,000 ft)

*Specifications are subjected to change

Salient Features :

  • New Design using state of the art technologies outfitted with Integrated Glass cockpit, Advanced navigation, and communication systems.
  • Use of Composites for lower weight, better life and use of advanced Manufacturing technologies for quality of detail parts and assemblies.
  • Comfortable seating with crashworthy aspects.
  • Removal of left seat (passenger seat) for additional utility.
  • Adjustable pedals for comfortable reach of pilot and trainee.
  • Auxiliary fuel tank for enhanced range.
  • Baggage compartment. .

Applications/Roles :

Major application of this product comes under civil platform only.

  • Training — Photography — Aerial survey — Media
  • Emergency services — Organ Transportation
  • Air Tourism — Charter Service — Courier services
  • Rescue operation — Police patrolling
  • Election campaigns — Flag Towing
  • Advertising banners — Flower dropping — VIP flights etc.

Project Manager

Surya Teja Mogalapu

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