Product Portfolio


The company designs and fabricates aerospace assembly jigs with MS and aluminum material using the modular construction technique for the Sub Assembly, Major Assembly and Final assembly stages of Military Aircraft , Civil Aircraft, Helicopter and Space launch Vehicle.

Examples of the products supplied.
Advanced Light Helicopter Bottom structure; Engine Deck; Transmission deck assembly Jigs
Light Combat Aircraft (Tejas) Coupling (entire aircraft), Front Fuselage, Centre fuselage (stage 2 ) air intake , wing nose box and rudder assembly jig.
Intermediate Jet trainer ( HJT- 36 ) Rudder assembly tooling
Light Transport Aircraft ( Saras ) Stub Wing Jig
Reusable Launch Vehicle Complete set of assembly jigs
Geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle MK- III Interface Assembly jigs
In addition, the company designs and fabricates master tooling such as jig reference gauges, acceptances gauges and red band samples. A large number of master tooling was fabricated and supplied to HAL for Jaguar Trainer Aircraft and other projects.


The company assembles close tolerance, interchangeable aircraft, spacecraft and helicopter airframe structures involving riveting , bolting , welding and stringent stage inspection. The parts are of steel, aluminum and composites. Examples of work done are:
Pilotless target Aircraft ( Lakshya ) Rear Fuselage Assembly
Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle Thrust Vector Control Nose Cone and Aft Shroud Assemblies.
Intermediate Jet Trainer ( HJT- 36) Rudder Assembly
Advanced Light Helicopter Transmission Deck Assembly and Engine Deck Assemblies